Friday, June 21, 2013

Gingko Barley dessert aka Fu Chuk Yi Mai

Weather has been crazy lately with the haze and all! My friends down south over in Singapore & Johor are getting it worse :-( imagine masks are sold out everywhere, it's suffocating to be breathing the air there. I really hope there'll be strong winds and rain soon to clear the air. 

Bought a pack of gingko nuts last week and today I decided to make our favourite dessert- Gingko Barley also known as Fu Chuk Yi Mai. Love homemade desserts cos I can have more good stuffs inside. When eating out, sometimes I only get like 1-2 pieces of gingko nuts in my bowl :p tak cukup for me... hehe. No one has to fight for gingko nuts in this dessert here, everyone has a fair share, more than enough for all :-)

Many of my friends are asking for the recipe after I shared this dessert on Fb so here it is guys! Do try out this simple and nourishing Tong Sui one of these days. 

Gingko Barley dessert 


1 pack gingko nuts (vacuum packed), remove centre bitter core (see photo)
1 bowl of pearl barley
2 sheets of beancurd skin for dessert, crushed and soaked in water 
2-3 blades of pandan leaves, tied into knots 
Rock sugar to taste 
Handful of red dates 
A pot of water (add water if water goes down after cooking)

-boil water in pot
-add barley, red dates and pandan leaves and boil till barley softens
-add beancurd skin and gingko nuts 
-cook till you've reached desired texture for beancurd skin 
-lastly add rock sugar to taste 
-remove pandan leaves before serving 


4 friends spoke up!:

Rose said...

I love this dessert. I have been cooking mung and barley soup and drinking herbal tea for couple of days.

We have a short rain this afternoon, at least can clear the haze a bit in Kuching. Just hope the haze gets better in Spore and WM! Take care.

Yee Ling said...

My fav dessert but I hate to remove the gingko shell. I should get the one which is already clean up.

cre8tone said...


Alice said...

thanks for the recipe :) you know i never learn to make this one yet, now would like to try