Monday, April 15, 2013

1, 2, Chia chia chia!

Ever since I found out about the goodness of chia seeds, I've been incorporating it into my daily diet. Introduced it to my hubs and elder boy too ;-)

I sprinkle over cereals, add into coffee/tea, add to yogurts etc.

Here's something you might wanna know about this superfood!

13 Awesome Reasons To Eat Chia Seeds Every Day

Here are a heap of reasons to eat chia:

1. Chia is gluten free

2. It is super high in dietary fibre, making it great for digestion and healing digestion issues.

3. It contains 20% Omega 3 ALA, making it a super food for the brain and heart. Chia has eight times more Omega 3 than salmon!

4. It boasts 20% protein

5. The protein is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids

6. It is high in antioxidants (It has a four times higher ORAC value than blueberries)

7. Chia contains five times more calcium than milk
8. Chia contains seven times more vitamin C than oranges

9. It contains three times more iron than spinach

10. It contains twice the potassium content of banana

11. It is food for healthy skin, hair and nails

12. It has a positive impact balancing blood glucose levels (making it awesome for diabetics)

13. Chia makes a great egg replacement. Just combine with water to form a gel, and add it to recipes that call for egg.


Nutritionists recommend that 15g/0.53oz (one tablespoon) of chia is consumed each day. Be sure to drink plenty of water as chia is very high in fiber.


+ Sprinkle it raw onto almost any food
+ Add it to breakfast cereals, salads and soups
+ Add it to bread and muffin recipes
+ Mix with water or coconut water to form a thick gel

So do check out on this lil' seed which boast tons of goodness for your body ;-)

Have you tried it before?


12 friends spoke up!:

angeline ong said...

I used to make pies and bread with it. I still have some more in my cupboard. Sprinkle on top of hot rice looks yummy too.

MeRy said...

Chia Seed....? First time I heard about this.

angeline ong said...

At what age is suitable for kids to have chia seeds?

cre8tone said...

This is new to me... Chia seeds?

Rose said...

Yes tried it last year and I still have a lot in my fridge. Put in my cereal and juice. Need to take it first before they turn sticky. There is one time I mix it with water and let it cool in fridge. It turns into gel. Used it on my face. :p

Kristie said...

Yes Angeline, I sprinkle over my cereals, salads too :)

Kristie said...

Yes Mery, it's a superfood :)

Kristie said...

Toddlers I guess? Babies too young to have chia in their diet. Also, one must drink plenty of water if consuming chia seeds otherwise it might cause constipation.

Kristie said...

Yes that's known as chia gel :)

Kristie said...

Yes dear, healthy! :) google more on chia seeds.

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Alice said...

couldn't agree more Kristie....I sprinkle on my girl's rice. Even her poo is nicer