Thursday, February 21, 2013

I can't eat all my cny goodies :-(

Sigh... Down with tonsillitis twice in 2 weeks, can u believe it?

Can't take all the bak gua, cny cookies, mandarin oranges... I'm suffering cos I love to eat, furthermore this is the season to makan and be happy, what a timing, dang!

Went to see an ENT specialist today as my recurring tonsillitis is no joke... Giving me so many problems. Doc said 'yes, your tonsils are really enlarged and infected....' Gave a course of antibiotics and a gargle. I'm considering tonsillectomy too, that is, the removal of tonsils.

Those who know me will know how often I have tonsillitis! And every time I get it, it's so hard to even swallow my saliva, phlegm has blood too and of cos comes the fever when the tonsils get inflamed.

I'll put that on hold as of now as I'm still bf Kevin and it's safer not to bf when I go for the surgery as there are many things which might not be bf friendly, for instance, the anesthesia, the painkillers, medications etc. furthermore I might have to be admitted for a couple of days.

Ok enough for my tonsils story...!

How's your cny coming along? This Sunday 24/2 is the last day of cny, so fast eh? I'm sure there are more makan makan sessions with friends and loved ones :-) I have a couple coming up this weekend too, can't wait to get well...

Happy cny! Gong xi fa cai!

P/s. And yes... That's Jayden with the lion head doing his lion dance. He's booked for the whole cny! ;-)

4 friends spoke up!:

Rose said...

Understand your situation. I also sick during CNY and am still recovering from my cough, flu and tonsillitis. How suffering, cannot enjoy all those goodies.

Kitty said...

Get well soon! Take care, Kristie.

Small Kucing said...

hope you are better now

yvonne said...

Oh dear, I hope you are recovering well and take care!