Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas pop up book

Have you guys been to BBW book sale yet? Yes... The Big Bad Wolf books sale. It's humongous this year! 3 million over books... Omg I just can't resist this sale. Been twice so far for this round. Extremely happy and satisfied with my loot :-)

Just wanna share this very cute Christmas pop up book I got from BBW. I managed to find only one piece... Must have all been snapped up!

The fun part about this sale is actually having the patience to browse through books on the table, and in boxes to see what 'treasures' you can find, a treasure hunt indeed!

And guess how much is this book?

Only RM6! Omg! Yes super cheap... And the book is of great quality too. My boys absolutely love it.

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

5 friends spoke up!:

reana claire said...

Your kids are gonna be very HAPPY!! Such nice pictures books at such a cheap price!

yvonne said...

It's a bargain to buy books from BBW. Too bad I live too far away and didn't have the chance to visit it.

Merry Christmas, Kristie!

MeRy said...

Very nice book.

Vickylow said...

Very interesting and cute book.

Libby said...

I love children books!