Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hot Slings Pouches For Sale!

HotSlings Reversible Ingrid, Size 4, 100% cotton
Hot Slings Adjustable Pouch~ Sweet Pea Sateen - Dreamy, silky and luxurious Hotslings ultra-soft stretch sateen in gorgeous light green floral design. Mamas are swooning over this one. 97% cotton 3% spandex

Say bye bye to complicated sizing charts and hello to the infinitely adjustable Hotslings AP! Two strategically placed tri-glides allow the AP to fit comfortably on multiple users while also easily accommodating postpartum body changes.


An instructional video to show you how to wear these pouches with ease!
Only used less than 5 times, in excellent condition!
Letting these 2 pouches go at LOW price to another babywearing mama who will benefit this more!
Interested, please drop me an email at: k305@yahoo.com
First come, first serve basis!
Thank you :-)

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