Wednesday, October 10, 2012

France to Malaisie

From France all the way to Malaisie... what could it be?
Yipee! It has finally arrived!!!
French spelling of Malaysia, lol!
I like the stamp, so cute, 'Surprise'!

It's finally in my hands!
It's a miniature Smart Forfour!
U know Jayden's love for cars right?
Jayden has been pestering Daddy to get a Smart Forfour car for him recently to add to his car collection, so Daddy searched high and low at the local toy stores but couldn't find it.
Ended up ordering it from Ebay! :-)
Thank you Daddy!
Love, Jayden xoxo

9 friends spoke up!:

Cynful Pleasure said...

The love of Daddy to the boy!!! *Priceless*
The smile of the boy!! *valueless*

Beii said...

wah, betul betul cinta! hahaahha, happy boy!:D

Kristie said...

Yeah cynthia... really would literally go to the other end of the world for him :-) so jealous LOL!

Kristie said...

thanks beii :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

James is really a good and superb daddy!

Jayden is very lucky boy!

yvonne said...

Wah~~endless love from daddy!

mnhl said...

such a cool daddy.......i'm sure your boy deserves it. He must have been a good boy to earn it.

chinnee said...

Kristie, yur hub loves kids to the extend of buying from ebay to fulfill his kids wish?? Time to cepat-cepat have no.3, no 4 liao lor...

MommyAngel said...

Daddy is so nice got the toy car all the way from France!!! Not many daddy would go all this way to get the toys for his kids you know .... your kids are the lucky ones :) :)