Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kevin @ 3mths old

Hello there! Mummy's been so bz with me to update more about me since I was born ;-) I'm 3mths, 2wks & 5do today :-)

My stats as of today. Paed says I'm a big baby and growing very well!
Weight- 7.2kgs
Length- 65cm

Being tickled
Exploring my hands and putting them into my mouth
Loves to Kai Kai
Loves looking around what people are doing
Loves company
Mummy's bm... Yum yum :-)
Bath time! splish splash!
Mummy singing songs to me
Love it when kor kor plays with me

Medicine! (nightmare to feed...)
Lying down too long, wants to sit upright

Still wakes up around 3-4 times at night for feeds. But after I drink nen nen, I go back to zzzzzzzzz. Can stay awake during the day for a longer period.

Overall, daddy and mummy said I'm a good baby :D

9 friends spoke up!:

MeRy said...

so cute..

Cynful Pleasure said...

oh.. such a cutie pie!!! love his smile!

Merryn said...

aww... so cute!

Vickylow said...

Cute boy, happy 3 months old.

Andrew Wan said...

So cute...Happy 3 months old to Kevin :)

eugene said...

One thing for sure about babies is they will grow up very very fast,that's why we must really capture those beautiful moments with them.

Just the other wifey asked me did I still remember my boys when they were young,, thank god those memories remain

take care now ya

Kitty said...

Awww....he is so cute!

yvonne said...

Oooo~~~ Kevin is such an adorable baby, he likes to smile to the camera a lot!

7.2kg, wow, a big boy I must say :)

Kristie said...

Thanks everyone :-) ya he loves the camera and pretty used to mummy's fanatic snapping via her phone LOL!