Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Papaya Soup

Sorry been MIA for a long time... been so bz since lil' Kev arrived :-) *wipes off cobwebs from this blog :p

Ok am here to share something with you!

Are you breastfeeding? If yes, this will interest you! If no, it'll also interest you ;-) recipe shared below.

Green papaya soup is known to aid in boosting milk supply in lactating mothers. And in Taiwan, many ladies drink this to boost their (.)(.) size, yes believe it or not :D

Made this soup recently to boost my bm supply as I've been unwell and supply took a slight dip. I remembered this soup helps so I've been getting green papayas to make soup.


"Papayas also contain a digestive enzyme called papain, which is at a more concentrated state in the papaya when the fruit is not ripe. This papaya enzyme is extracted to make dietary supplements, in order to aid in the digestion process of the body."

I made this soup for the first time a few days back, and verdict? We love it! Yes, even my 4yo boy likes this soup. I didn't add any seasoning at all, natural flavor and sweetness! A nutritious soup for the whole family!


1 small green skinned, unripe papaya
Wolfberries (key chi)
Red dates, cut into half
Optional for more flavor- fish, chicken, pork

1. Wash green papaya, do not remove skin. Remove seeds, cut papaya into cubes.

2. Put into a pot of water, add in wolfberries and red dates. Add in meat too if any.

3. Boil for 1-.5 hours.

4. Enjoy!

p/s. I used my rice cooker to make it, using soup function so I don't have to worry about soup overflowing and can go about doing other stuffs.

Happy cooking!

14 friends spoke up!:

MeRy said...

I like this soup...very sweet.

アンゼエリン said...

Hmm, looks refreshing and healthy for the ladies and mummies out there.

missyblurkit said...

This is a yummy soup. Had some of it whenever my sister is law was breast feeding.

yvonne said...

Heard so much about it but I never had this before :O

Er, I'm not breastfeeding but still can take, hor?

Hayley said...

Yep, papaya is well known as a good milk booster!
Papaya milk is good too you know~
I drink alot during my confinement..

Kristie said...

Thanks ya'll!

Yes Yvonne, it's a healthy and nutritious soup for all... well no harm right.. might also increase (.)(.) size hahahahaha!

Hayley, yes I will try that too, thanks :-)

Vickylow said...
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Vickylow said...

Oh yes I love this soup, MIL add in dried sotong and it taste prefect. You can boil it with red dates, honey dates as tong sui too. The melon smell really nice.

mNhL said...

ahh....i just bought a green unripe papaya.......wanna eat them when ripe......Now u making me wanna try this soup. Never had this before...

Kristie said...

Yes Mery very yummy and sweet! Nutritious too ;-)

Kristie said...

Yes Vicky, it's so versatile. I add in whatever I have with me ;-)

Kristie said...

Mnhl, do try it out and let me know your verdict :-)

Merryn said...

I must keep this in case I get another baby lah.. :D

Kristie said...

Merryn, Yes yes keep! haha :D