Friday, May 25, 2012


Had dinner at empire earlier, was so packed with people. Most likely cos it's Friday night and also last day of school before 2 weeks of school holidays ;-)

We love to dine at Din Tai Fung, our Favs are the xiao long bao, pork chop and the appetizers.

My fav- Xiao Long Bao with lots of ginger strips and vinegar... yumz.... I can have this everyday!

Hubs fav- pickled cucumber

Yummy vege with shrimps- good!

Took some pix around the mall, no guess who took this :-)

My little star :-)

We got some wall stickers from carrefour today, to give him a surprise to deco his room :-)

This door sign is placed outside his room... Do not enter without his permission! LOL!

3D Robot wall stickers

thank u daddy & mummy!

Love it when they do activities together :-)

Ta-da! Nice?

Jayden says this is our family, from left: Daddy, baby no.2, Jayden and mummy! So sweet :-)

My sunshines!

Our lil' family.. growing to 4 soon

Darling and me

Hubs bought this as a gift for baby #2, as a gift to welcome his arrival... so sweet of Daddy! hehe :-)

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Small Kucing said...


Hayley said...

Ya the stickers are nice!

When is your due date? Getting near already right? ;)

Kristie said...

thanks hayley, ya next friday :-)

MeRy said...

Love the nice.

MeRy said...

Love the nice.

Kristie said...

Thanks Mery ;-) ya jayden loves them too!

chinnee said...

so cute those robot stickers. eh, bila u due?

Kristie said...

Thanks cn! Scheduled for Caesar next Friday 1/6 ;-)

Adrine said...

The robot stickers r really nice! So "ngam" also - one robot for each member of the family :)

Kristie said...

Ya lor Adrine. Really so gnam got 4 robots!