Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stars and flowers

We had a stalk of rose at home from Mother's Day and it started to wilt. Jayden came to me with it and was so sad! He started to have tears in his eyes... Aiyoh my emo fella! So I tried explaining to him that all flowers will eventually die but he just didn't wanna accept it!

So I came up with the idea to use the rose to make something so it won't go to waste and yet Jayden will be able to admire and keep his rose ;-)

We had some star foam stickers and I took it out to make a card together with the rose petals and stalks of little flowers ;-)

Nice or not my artwork? I'm happy now cos I can still admire my flower and it won't 'die' ;-)

TGIF! Have a lovely weekend everyone! ;-) xoxo

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MeRy said...


Kristie said...

Thanks mery! have a great weekend :-)

Hayley said...

Not bad looking!

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

yvonne said...

Hehehe, Jayden is so sensible~

Creative to convert the withered flowers into art.

Kristie said...

Thanks Mery!

Hayley, thanks u take care too, have a great weekend with the lil' one :-)

yvonne, thanks!