Thursday, May 3, 2012

Splish splash to cool down!

Last weekend, it was super duper HOT! It's so refreshing to just waddle and splish splash in the pool!

We try to let Jayden go swimming every weekend... his fav outdoor activity :-)

With his new swimming board :-)

I'm all ready!

All ready with his water gun

Made a new friend!

He prefers to use this as a balancing board! haha

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アンゼエリン said...

My son not dare to enter the pool...

Hayley said...

Not only there, it's extremely hot here as well. Sun shining bright even at 7pm =_="

Kristie said...

Angeline, your boy doesn't like swimming?

Hayley, where are u located? Ya here in KL is crazy weather!

yvonne said...

I agree, last weekend was very very hot! I dare not step out from my house. Quickly collected my dry clothes from the hanger and returned to my seat under the fast rotating ceiling fan.

Dipping in the pool is a way to beat the heat. I usually let my kids play with water hose, but it's kinda wasting water and $$. Moreover, both of them keep arguing and fighting for the only hose. Hence I banned the game :p

mom2ashleyaidan said...

yea indeed it has been REALLY hot these days!

Merryn said...

I wanna go dipping too!

Rose said...

My girl has been nagging me for weeks but didnt able to bring her. Almost every evenings it is raining here. And now she is coughing and sneezing like her brother, it would have to be postponed again

Kristie said...

Yvonne... wah u are such a cool mum, let them play with water! haha, why not fill up a pool with the water then no wastage and yet they can waddle in it :-)

Yes Dinah, merryn, HOT HOT HOT!

Rowena, hope they get well soon!