Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pregnancy #2- Week 35 update

Saw this on FB and really liked this image of how baby grows from conception up to full term!

It's really amazing, how it all starts with a tiny little bean-like being, then slowly sprouts out its limbs, then slowly how the eyes move from the sides to the front to look more human.... God is great!

@35 weeks:

1. I'm nearly at the finishing line now, and preparations are being made to accommodate the arrival of #2 :-) So kan cheong (nervous) and excited at the same time............ setting up of the cot, taking out newborn clothing, making space for the baby stuffs, setting up the changing table, getting a chair for breastfeeding to be placed in my bedroom etc...

2. As of last check up, gynae said baby is around 2.5 - 3.0kgs already and will still gain weight for the next month.... Hope baby #2 won't beat kor kor's record of 4.23kgs at birth!

3. Mummy's feeling the strain! Can't sit up or lie down comfortably also... and not forgetting the many trips to toilet to pee.... everytime I walk, I feel like peeing, and when I go to toilet sometimes it's just a few drops arrgghhhhhhhh... baby's head down and pressing against the bladder that's why.

4. Movements are great, stronger and as baby is bigger and also cos the space is lesser and more restricted, nonetheless, still causes mummy discomfort when baby punches/kicks towards the side of my tummy!

5. Jayden is very excited with baby coming soon and keeps asking me 'why so long????' and just the other day, he was talking to baby, and told baby that when baby comes out, he will carry baby on his shoulder, and baby can sleep on his shoulder, cos it's like a cushion :-) so sweet :-)

6. For this pregnancy, my linea negra appeared around 32-33 weeks :-) still trying to capture a pix of that!

Counting down.... counting down!

9 friends spoke up!:

アンゼエリン said...

Jayden is very big at 4.23kg. My son was 3.82kg also I said is big for me. Kristie wish you have a safe delivery.

Kristie said...

Ya Angeline! Even my gynae called him a heavyweight champion haha!

Hayley said...

I feel you Kristie!

We are quite near leh ;)
Take care and have a smooth delivery ya~

Kristie said...

Thanks hayley! Yeah wishing u the same too babe ;-)

ChloeRuoyi said...

I'm feeling your excitement too :) Oh, Jayden was also a big baby like Chloe. She was a whopping 4.39kg at birth and my jaw dropped when I saw her... she was all puffed-up like a baby sumo haha!

Kristie said...

Wow chloe is one big baby girl!!!!! I thought jayden was HUGE already lol!

Mummy Gwen said...

I'm also feel kan cheong for you..hehe. Wishing you a smooth delivery. Wah, all big babies. Gwen was 2.8kg only.

yvonne said...

Woot~ Jayden was a huge baby, for I thought my son was big at 4kg and I was having difficulty delivering him, hah!

I'm as kan cheong as you are, can't wait for the arrival of the additional family member. 1 month to go!

Kristie said...

thanks mummygwen, haha u making me more kan cheong lah! :p gwen was so tiny, I guess most girls are around that weight ya :-)

Yvonne tnx :-) wow 4kg also big lah!