Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pangkor Fish Head Curry

Had dinner this evening with hubs and we opted for spicy food again! Haha... It's like we're on a vengeance to whack as much before we have to be good boy and girl once I deliver :p so mummy put on weight, and so does daddy :D

We had dinner at Pangkor Fish Head Curry in SS15, Subang Jaya. Thanks to a friend who recommended this place to us after they know we are fish head curry fans ;-) no idea why its name includes the island name Pangkor in it, maybe it's really famous over there? Never been to Pangkor :D

When the fish head curry was served, the aroma of the curry and the colour of it was so appetizing! Because there's no coconut milk in it, the colour is really fiery red. Shiokalingam.....

My other favourite was the Fried Lemongrass Calamari... Super good, thumbs up!!! Very fragrant with bits of deep fried Lemongrass slices and curry leaves. Sotong was super crunchy too! I had coconut to cool me down plus we also ordered a long beans omelette.

Do give it a try if you're a makan kaki like me, always on the hunt for good food :D good food must always share!

You can check out their blog too.

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant
No. 53, SS 15/4C, Subang Jaya Ph:03- 5632 8348, Malaysia

6 friends spoke up!:

Vickylow said...

Saw the restaurant name I though you went to Pangkor tim hahaha. Oh at Subang Jaya, can try it one day.

Mummy Gwen said...

The curry looks very spicy! Wah..Daddy also put on my weight ah..haha.

Kristie said...

Haha ya don't know what's with the name ;-)

Kristie said...

Ya mummygwen, shiokalingam curry! Ya lah both makan2 happy2 together haha!

Small Kucing said...

their food there not bad ya? The other time i had their "pondan crab" LOL

Kristie said...

Ya Kathy the food there not bad ya! What's pondan crab????