Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Saturday!

I wanted to watch the movie- 'What to expect when you're expecting' before I delivered as it's just so apt now that I'm preggie :-) So hubs suggested a movie marathon, it's been some time since we watched 2 movies back to back together... so we called it a movie date, just the both of us :-)

I chose What to expect when you're expecting and he chose The Avengers :-) So I asked him to get the movie tickets a day before so there's no rush, he got the couple seats.

Our movie date!

Read the movie review in the papers yesterday

This movie made me cry & laugh, you can really relate to it if you're parents, especially women who have kids, gone through labour :-)

This movie was really entertaining! As I'm only familiar with a few characters, it was quite fun to watch how all these super heroes join together to form 'The Avengers'. 

I found Incredible Hulk damn funny... made me laugh!

Movie has started! Popcorn on my right and drink on my left!

We had a quick lunch at Uncle Lim's before the movie :-)
My fav wholemeal toast!

Uncle Lim's Nasi Lemak, I had chicken, he had beef

After the 1st movie, we had a short break before the 2nd movie :-)

Had a chocolate banana muffin (my fav!) and latte at Starbucks

Dinner at Bawang Merah, hubs loves the nasi there... all his fav condiments.... rendang, tempe, telur goreng etc!

Fried prawn fritters with chilli sauce

I love the kueh-kueh at Bawang Merah, especially the onde-onde

Still a lil' girl at heart :p

So sad to use the last piece of Hello Kitty tissue :D

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missyblurkit said...

That's a fun date out. I've not done movie marathons coz I always end up sleeping in between even at the first movie itself:-( unless its the first thing in the morning.

Kristie said...

Thanks Missyblurkit ;-) it was really fun indeed!

Mummy Moon said...

Wow, movie marathon and makan makan time, must be fun!

Kristie said...

Ya moon it was very fun indeed except that my back wanna break after sitting for so many hours! Haha!

Vickylow said...

Haha I saw the movie preview. The father said: I think I pick up the wrong baby at daycare. Gosh if my hubby tell me this, surely I'll fainted.

Kristie said...

Haha ya that movie is pretty hilarious Vicky. U should watch it!

Sheoh Yan said...

It is so good to have a movie date with your loved one. 2 movies in a roll, and also nice food. You must be enjoying your pregnancy to its fullest.

Kristie said...

Ya sheoh yan, make hay while the sun shines haha :-)