Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mille Crepe Cakes

After having tried the mille crepe cakes at Nadeje in my last Melaka trip, I've been craving for more! Apparently, they have a Nadeje outlet in Pavilion, KL, so no need to go all the way to Melaka for it now :-)

Found out about another Mille Crepe shop recently on FB- Mille Crepe by Vanilla Cakes, they have 2 branches, Kajang and Subang. I wasted no time to ask hubs to go tapao a few slices for me to try... they have 30 over flavours to choose from by the way... made me so excited only :D

A little more about what mille crepe cakes are all about:

Mille Crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. The word mille means "a thousand" and crêpe is a type of very thin pancake originated from France. Hence, making it popularly known as the ‘thousand layer’ cake from France.

Vanilla Cakes has successfully mastered this 'thousand layer' French delicacy and currently has two branches offerrin...
g the largest selection of Mille Crêpe in town, more than 30 exciting flavors!

Vanilla Cake's Mille Crêpes are made of more than 20 layers of paper thin crêpe with a variety of exciting and tasty fillings carefully spread out between each layer, giving it a distinctive texture and flavour - something you will never find in other cakes.

Because I felt so lazy to go out, I asked hubs to go to the shop and then call me when he's there to see what flavours they have!

He came back with 3 flavours- Vanilla, Green Tea and Tiramisu!

Out of the box

Green tea and Red bean Mille Crepe

Vanilla Mille Crepe

Tiramisu Mille Crepe

Their FB page where you can make orders etc.

Selection of over 30 flavours!

Honestly, I think the Nadeje Mille Crepes are larger in portion and the crepes are slightly thicker than the ones by Vanilla Cakes, there's a nicer 'bite' to it. But if Nadeje Mille Crepes are not within your reach, you can give this a try too :-)

Since I'm on the topic of desserts, here's sharing with you the latest Hokkaido Cakes from RT Pastry! New Flavour- Chocolate!

It comes in a box of 3 for RM8.50, not exactly cheap... but it's yummy :D

Chocolate Hokkaido Cakes

Chocolate cream centre!

Enough of these sweet desserts at the moment :p
I think I'll just settle for a nice cuppa tea to wash all these down!

14 friends spoke up!:

アンゼエリン said...

Mille crepes I'm dying for one, can we share ar? My mum said it is no good sharing food with pregnant lady. Hahaha. So far I've never taste one yet. Making my own mille crepe...must be exhausting so forget it.

Rose said...

Cannot blame you. They are sure look yummy. I bet it tastes nice too

Kristie said...

Angeline, I think DIY really takes a lot of work, layer by layer! :D buy better lah :-)

Kristie said...

Yes Rowena, it's not bad! ;-)

Merryn said...

Being Malaccan, I've only tried Nadaje ONCE! :D Malas to queue for it :P

Kristie said...

Merryn I guess u can go off peak period or go early sure lesser crowd! ;-)

Mummy Moon said...

I think it is a hit now. I see night market also selling Hokkaido Cakes.

Kristie said...

Ya moon, hokkaido cakes are yummy if you get the right ones ;-)

yvonne said...

I like Hokkaido cakes, especially the cream filling, hehe~

I tried making mille crepe and I failed, sigh. I wonder how it really taste like.

Kristie said...

Yvonne ya Hokkaido cakes are yummy and sinful :p I guess Mille crepes are not easy to make lah, buy easier ;-)

Yan said...

I would like to millie crepe. I have been hearing a lot of good review already.

Kristie said...

Ya yan, it's something different from the normal cakes we always have ;-)

Anonymous said...

Quit eating all the fake cream out there. Bad for health.

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