Wednesday, May 16, 2012

iPhone app- Tayo the little bus

After Jayden came to know about the cartoon- Tayo the Little Bus which I've blogged about before here, he's been hooked on it! :-) He can now memorise the theme song by hard and loves to sing anytime of the day... till the song is stuck in my head! :p

One day, I was just curious to see if I can find an app in the iTunes store... and really there's one! And it's free too :-)

There are 2 language options: Korean & English.

These are some of the screen captures from the game:

Here's the beginning of the game, where you select where Tayo goes to: charging station, repair shop etc!

Tayo is the blue bus :-)

This is the opening theme song

Car wash!

Charging station for fuel

Colouring activity!

Repair shop, the girl is the mechanic :-)

Finally found the English vesion of the theme song!
This is the one Jayden can sing all day long :-)

If your kiddo loves this cartoon too, go download the app, it's free!

8 friends spoke up!:

LittleLamb said...

how many apps in total? 1?

Kristie said...

Yes Rachel- 1 app :-)

Small Kucing said...

lol...i have to avoid this else my phone will be monopoly by the boy

Kristie said...

Ya Kathy have to control lor ;-)

M' said...

Ethan quit playing iPhone ages ago. Let's see if this will fascinate him again :D

Kristie said...

Ya Merryn, do try but he might hog your phone after that! Haha :D

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm from other country. Can u pls give me the lyric so I can teach my kids to sing along with this song. Tq

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