Friday, May 11, 2012

Controversial article on Breastfeeding

This morning while surfing the net, this particular article seemed to have made airwaves on the web.

It's actually a story on Time magazine and a picture of a woman breastfeeding her 4-year old boy.

I have nothing against breastfeeding, instead I am all for it! Breastfeeding is God's greatest gift to all mothers! And the number of benefits to breastfeeding a baby is infinite.

But what caused it to be such a controversial article were these factors:

-It's pretty disturbing to see a 4-year old boy latching on his mum's boobs openly like that. Even if we nurse in public, we have a poncho/shawl to cover the chest area. Admit it, some people are just not open enough or comfortable to see f.l.e.s.h!

-The title! Are you Mom Enough? I think that's a terrible caption for the article and on top of that, cover of a popular mag. What do u mean by that? Some women might not bf due to various reasons, but we can't say they are not mom enough right? It gets many mothers very defensive rightaway....

What do you think? How timely for this article to be out when Mother's Day is this Sunday! LOL!

Oh, if you are wondering if I'm gonna bf my baby #2? HELL YEAH! God pls bless me with lots of moooooooooooo moooooooooooo juice :D

You can read the article here.

2 friends spoke up!:

Health Freak Mommy said...

This pic reminds me of my 4YO baby girl and my boops hehe. She was breastfed until 3YO. Till today, she still gets 'excited' when she sees my boops. Those were once her comfort tools, the tools which satisfied her hunger pangs. Till today she would still cheekily put her mouth into my boops!

Kristie said...

Shireen, haha so funny lah ur girls :-)

Happy Mother's Day to you :-)