Friday, April 27, 2012

Tayo The Little Bus

Jayden loves this new cartoon that is showing on Astro's Disney Junior channel right now, if I am not wrong it's daily at 5pm!

It's all about buses, cars etc... no wonder Jayden likes it lah hehe

It's a Korean animation and I must say they make really cute cartoons! Like Porroro, Dibo the Gift Dragon etc.

I got this from Youtube:
The series is about the exciting adventures of a little bus who is just starting to learn his rout in a busy city. It is full of characters who will capture children's imaginations; there are buses, taxis, police cars, trains, and construction equipment. These great characters combined with the educational messages learned from Tayo's daily adventures in the busy city centre are sure to make for a viewing experience which is at once enjoyable and beneficial.
Every day, Tayo has a new adventure, often making mistakes and learning to overcome them with the help of friends such as Rogy, the sociable green bus, Lani, the cheerful yellow bus, the diligent Gani, and many others. He grows with each experience, as he slowly becomes a mature bus at the heart of the metropolitan transit system.

Here's the theme song of the cartoon in Korean, can't find the English version :-) but it's so cute!

If your kids love buses, cars, etc, do try to catch it!

2 friends spoke up!:

CathJ said...

my boy fav too.. :)

Kristie said...

Ya most boys would love it!