Friday, April 6, 2012

Pool time!

Here are some occasions where Jayden gets to do his fav outdoor activity- swimming!

We try to bring him for a swim every weekend. We've realised that he's the happiest in the water! His smiles etc are totally natural and not 'photo fake' haha. He's even happier than getting a new toy car and he's a car lover.

He's also very confident inside the pool now and as long as he has his rubber tube, he's able to swim in the adult's pool on his own. He doesn't want to swim in the kids' pool anymore!

Outdoor activities are important for our kids instead of the common weekend activities of always hanging out indoors in the malls. Fresh air and nature always do us good!

5 friends spoke up!:

Twin said...

Nice place ...where is it?

Ai Lian Lim said...

Have you tried arm floats? My friend once told me it gives the child more freedom to swim. I gave arm floats to my babies.

Little Kit Boy said...

I believe most of the kids will love swimming. Jayden is a very happy-boy indeed. I like his smile, so attractive.

Totally agree with you that swimming is one of the best outdoor activites for children but we must also be extremely careful.

Have a nice weekend ahead, Kristie.

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eugene said...

You know dear, you started him off well and good and just to remember to continue with it,or may be some others water sports as well,,,

He will grow up to be a sporty type instead of being a "homey " one..

take care now ya

Kristie said...

Twin- it's at a condo ;-)

Ai lian lim- I've tried arm floats but he doesn't like it ;-)

Little kit boy- ya we always supervise him while swimming. Tnx ;-)

Tnx Eugene! Yes it's true to start young.