Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dinner at Tony Roma's / Happy Easter!

Yesterday was an eventful day! We had our family + pregnancy photo shoot early in the morning. We had loads of fun, Jayden was very cooperative too so as a reward, we brought him to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream treat!

I'm so glad everything went well. Weather was perfect! Can't wait for the photos to be out ;-)

After the photo shoot, we were all exhausted, came home and snoozed for a few hours.... Dinner time came and hubs asked 'what to have for dinner?' and I remembered that I still had a RM10 voucher from the last time we dined there. So off to Tony Roma's we went!

Ordered my fav fried mushrooms, kickin' shrimps and we tried their Asian salad.

Everytime we dine there, there's a note below the receipt for you to enter a code at a website and in return you'll receive a validation code for RM10 off your next visit with RM30 spent. I find it a good offer as the portions there are huge and we can share with a few people too!

So do take note the next time u dine there ;-)

Happy Easter Sunday!

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