Saturday, April 21, 2012

Confinement Food

Since my delivery date is another month plus away, I'd better start surveying for confinement food catering! My main concern during confinement is to eat healthily for me and my baby as I plan to breastfeed.

I'm sourcing for caterers which provide menus for 14 days or 28 days. I think I will go for 14 days first, then if everything goes well, extend for another 14 days. Cos from past experience, once money is paid, it's hard to get refund, *cross fingers!*

People also ask me why don't get a CL instead? Cos from my experience with Jayden, my last CL was a nightmare... so no more CLs pls... I just want peace and quiet and a good rest... but I need to eat well!

Anyone has any good recommendations for confinement food caterers?

Thanks ya!

3 friends spoke up!:

Rose said...

If you find a good CL, then that would not be a problem. Both my CL has some attitude problems, so it is quite a misery 28 days for me. But I like the first CL's cooking, she does make me craved for those food every day! hahaha!

Kristie said...

Rowena, that is the thing... I had so much problems with the 1st CL and I don't wanna deal with anymore CLs... just want the food!

Sharon Stone said...

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