Monday, April 2, 2012


It's been a looooong time since I've updated this blog. Really miss blogging actually but just never got around to just make time and blog ;-)

Hopefully with this post, it'll keep the ball rolling! *cross fingers*

As some of you might already know on my Fb that I'm preggie with no. 2! Yes a dragon coming our way. In fact it's our 2nd boy too. A dragon boy ;-) Hopefully it won't be so fiery as it's a water dragon year? Haha...

Anyway wanna share with you our fav Korean restaurant. Whenever we crave for Korean, there's no where else we would go but Woo Ga Chon! It's been years since we started patronizing this place. Food and service is great, price reasonable too.

We had dinner there tonight after I had a mani pedi session... Some pampering session for tired preggie mama ;-)

It was our first time trying Kim Bap, similar to California sushi roll. Love to dip it in sesame salt. Had chicken & pork BBQ and best part? Refillable side dishes! Love the kimchi there, fried ikan bilis and peanuts and many others.

Oh, not to mention, they give a small bowl of sweet barley water and watermelon slices as desserts! Dining here never fail to make my tummy very very happpeeeeee ;-)

If you wanna give this place a try, here's the address & number, do make a reservation during weekends and public holidays!

17-G, Jalan Mentari
PJS 8/10, Bandar Sunway
Tel: 03-56301051
Opened daily, only closed for lunch on Sunday.

3 friends spoke up!:

Little Kit Boy said...

Hi Kristie, first of all, congratulations for your No. 2 and secondly, we do miss you.

Welcome back.

Kristie said...

Thanks dear, it's good to be back! ;-)

Kitty said...

Glad to see you back blogging :). Nice food!