Thursday, September 29, 2011

Explosion @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

A very unfortunate incident took place in the wee hours of 28th September, a day all Subang residents will remember. There was an explosion affecting the lower ground and ground floors of Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya that shook SS16, SS17 and as far as SS14. Cause of explosion is due to gas leak at one of the restaurants. No names have been given, and the mall has since been closed to public for further investigations.

 An eerily dark and quiet front facade of ESG

 Shattered glass doors at Wisma Consplant entrance, it is facing ESG, impact was so strong that it affected the opposite building

 More shattered glass

 Scaffolding put up quickly to prevent public from entering premises of ESG
 Makeshift police tents on standby 24/7
 So sad. ESG is currently celebrating its 1st year anniversary, it just opened its doors last year...
 Tractors on standby
 Somber 'E' roped with 'do not cross' signages
 Street outside ESG closed to traffic
A very quiet and lonely looking building which is normally bustling and full of vitality. The 'E' which normally lights up at night is off, not used to this sight at all, hope you'll light up soon 'E'.

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Small Kucing said...

uiks i thought the police block off the place. Can go there snap photo meh

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