Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Phuket Trip

We were in Phuket for a 4D3N stay... there were 6 of us altogether, my parents, my sis and the 3 of us :-)

This time round, we didn't stay right smack in the heart of Patong, in fact, we stayed about an hour's drive away, nestled along Mai Khao Beach. Therefore, we rented a car to get around, all road signages were very clear and with the help of a GPS, we could go anywhere we wanted!

This is trip was planned to coincide with my 2 darlings' birthdays, Jayden & Daddy, which was just 4 days apart. Also to take my parents for a good trip, just rest and relax... they deserve a good break!

No fixed itinerary... no packaged tours etc........ just rest and relax! It was sheer bliss.... :-)

The minute we checked into the villa, we headed to the nearest hypermarket which was Tesco Lotus, to stock up on food and drinks so that no one will go hungry hehe... and we also planned to make our own breakies every morning...!

And as usual, every trip ends so quickly when we are enjoying ourselves every single second & minute of everyday!

He's one water baby! SO happy in the water :-) This was in the private plunge pool in the villa
Just us in the pool:-)
mama enjoying herself!
darling & mama
my love
Having a splashin' good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
together now!
bang bang splash!

Enjoying my Singha Beer
Jayden turns 3!
Group pix, courtesy of Swensens :-)
Just chillaxing............ ahhhhhhhh this is LIFE!!!!!!!
by the poolside bar
picking flowers along the way :-)
sis & me
splish splash, let's have some fun!
I miss this pool.... could soak all day in it
Mater & Mcqueen joins in the celebrations! :-)

1...2...3 BLOW! Happy birthday Darling! xoxo
Just wanna share some photos with you here and you can also visit my FB album for more pix :-) Can't upload everything here hehe... too many!


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アンゼエリン said...

So nice celebrating Jayden 3yo birthday at fun fun

Small Kucing said...


chinnee said...

saw all d pics on your FB. soooo shiok betul u people!

prince n princess mum said...

So nice... celebration in Phuket!~

Rachel said...

Looks like u guys had a wonderful holiday in phuket. Btw, u look fabulous in your bikini, hard to believe that u are a mom of one :)

Merryn said...

U had a great vacay there! Everyone looks so happy and contented :)

eugene said...

That's a better choice than staying in Phuket,,,, i was there in Phuket,was there Mah koi beach, just dropped by and see see, nice very nice beach,,,I think better than Patong now,,,

lovely pictures you've got there,,,,,
firefly,not bad kan?

Mummy Gwen said...

What a wonderful vacay. You look great, hot mummy. :)

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I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.

Patong Guesthouse said...

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