Tuesday, June 21, 2011

His 1st Cinematic Experience!

Been waiting for the right time to bring Jayden to the cinemas. And what better time than now when Kungfu Panda 2 is showing on the big screen!

Few days before the day, we've been telling him about going to the cinemas and he was looking forward! I kept telling him 'you're gonna watch cartoon on a BIG BIG tv screen!' 'inside cinema cannot talk loudly, only whisper' etc etc.

On the day itself, I think I was more excited than the lil' one haha. We were going to watch a movie together as a family! That was something I've been looking forward to as well since jayden was born ;)

Sitting in between us on the couple seat! It was entirely a new experience for me to have someone separating me and hubs haha while watching a movie haha! Also I wasn't used to not having the popcorn all to myself! Jayden kept snatching it away from me, all my life I always had it to myself haha... Well that's something new :p

Happy family. Camwhoring before movie commenced.

Happy boy with his popcorn! Overall I must say he behaved pretty well. Of course he didn't sit throughout the movie, can't expect a toddler to sit quietly for 1-2 hours right? He stood pretty much towards the other half of the movie ;)

Daddy, Jayden & Po!

Mummy, Jayden & Po ;)

Yes that's next on our list! Cars movie ;) after the movie, we went to Tony Roma's for dinner.

TR's Fried Mushrooms, I Love this!

Our sumptuous dinner to end a beautiful outing!

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chinnee said...

i am waiting for this moment when i can bring my 2 little fella to the cinema too. wanted to go during the holiday but i never like this big Panda cartoon myself. Car seems great! Any idea when it is showing?

bet my boys would love it!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...Jayden behaved very well. *thumbs up*

紫清 said...

Haha...Voei Ton also has Kung Fu Panda 2 for his maiden cinema experience...=)Like you, i also told him about Panda and cinema a week before the trip...=)

Rose said...

Great to hear that the boy was behaving during the movie. It has been long long time since I have movies with the whole family. My girl been to movie twice, but her little brother hasnt been to cinema yet. My girl keeps pestering us to bring her and brother to watch movie last week. hahaha! One of these days.