Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cut cut cut

We had a simple lunch at a Shanghainese restaurant just near our place before we headed to a salon on the same row for a long overdue haircut for Jayden my lil' boss :o)

What is kor kor doing?

Ok let's do it! Jayden is used to going out for haircuts now... Phew!

Very well behaved. No fuss!

Blow dry & we're done!

Ta-da! My handsome pumpkin hehe

5 friends spoke up!:

Cynthia said...

yes.. very handsome boy... and clap clap for him being so 'quai'..

Small Kucing said...

good for him!

Merryn said...

so cute! can guai guai sit there for a hair cut! Till today i still cut ethan's hair.. haha.. dunno apa macam if i send him to salon! :D

Alice said...

definitely well behaved and better than Carol....hehe

the little prince said...

SOOO clever!! My boy can cry from start till the end for the whole session!!