Friday, April 8, 2011

I Would Do Anything 4 U!

Jayden has been growing so fast and his vocab expanding exponentially till I really can't keep up with it... I just wanna enjoy my conversations with him and introduce new words to him everyday ;)

Here are some daily situations that really made my day...!

While we showered together, he sometimes likes to play with his KKJ.....

M: stop playing with your KKJ, later break only you know

J: break can buy new one (LOL)

M: KKJ only got one, cannot buy one

J: ok no buy, put back!

I had a small blister on my left foot... so again while we were showering together, I showed him the blister.

M: see mummy's feet, painful

: no pain, I sayang *stroking my feet*
M: thanks darling, I feel so much better!

J: no more pain ok? Takes watering can filled with water and 'water' my feet to take away the pain... ;)

After having his lunch prepared by yours truly....

M: are u full, done?

J: yes, full

M: ok, good boy, u finished almost everything!

J: thank u mummy

M: welcome my love

J: later, u cook dinner for me ok?

M: *heart melts*
Jayden @ 32 months

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Small Kucing said...


CathJ said...

hihihi... so sweet... :)

BoeyJoey said...

i enjoyed reading your post especially the last conversation... hope my kids enjoy my cooking as much :-)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..Jayden is big boy already now. He is very sweet. :)

Rose said...

charming boy!That is why he is mummy's boy. Muak!

Arif said...

Very cute :)