Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zachary's 3rd Birthday!

Last weekend was the birthday of Jayden's cousin- Zachary Mark Lim ;) the party was held at an arts and crafts shop- Limoncito, the kids did a few activities!

Painting a car with daddy ;)

Painting with mummy ;)

Birthday cake!

Let's blow out the lights!

The kids

Birthday boy ;)

He really enjoyed painting... Even on the walls! Haha

My lil Picasso

Painting and decorating a photo frame

Finished product! Jayden started his coin-saving project almost immediately hehe

Finished product to be brought home as souvenir!

Happy boy ;)

Thanks Pearly, Chin Lee, Tasha & Zach for a fun-filled party ;)

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eugene said...

Hey...dropping by reading your update,, take care now ya

MeRy said...

Nice art piece.

Merryn said...

That is one cool cake! and nice piece of artwork :D

Adrine said...

Kids birthdays are so interesting these days!

Rose said...

I like the birthday cake! As my girl's birthday is end of April, she has requested for Barbie doll cake..... Lol!

Little Kit Boy said...

Hi Kristie,

Nice meeting you on last Saturday at The Star.

Wow...what a good idea to have Birthday celebration at the craft shop. Kids can actually learn and bring home their masterpiece as souvenir while having so much fun.