Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Like to Eat Snowflake!

We've always wanted to try Snowflake, famous for its Taiwanese deserts in SS15 Subang for a long time. But it's always packed packed packed and no seats available.

After reading some fellow bloggers' blogs on their experience at Snowflakes, I knew I just had to try it!

And the verdict?

We all LOVE IT!!!!! Am definitely heading back there in the near future ;)

When you make your order, you'll be given this UFO. When it starts to vibrate and flashes its lights, your order is ready to be collected!

Mummy, why so long....

Ta-da! Our order is ready!

Their bestseller Taro series, not bad.

I love this- Soya series with red beans, cincao, yam, black pearls.


We licked our bowls clean ;)