Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My V Day

We just had a simple makan at Madam Kwan, everywhere else was full full full and long waiting list. Thank God we didn't have to wait long at Madam Kwan ;)

Our sumptuous dinner! We love the beef rendang ;) chicken wings, fried brinjal and sambal petai!

Jayden's Alfredo set meal, he loved it ;)

Enjoying his meal!

Cute namecard ;)

Ice campur to finish our meal ;)

My Baby Valentine!

My valentines ;)

5 friends spoke up!:

Small Kucing said...

i love their name card also

MeRy said...

Happy Valentine Day...

Mummy Moon said...

Happy valentines day to you. We went to Sunway Pyramid at very last minute and yup it was packed too..

yujiayao said...

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Rumana Akter said...

Happy Valentines Day

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