Wednesday, January 5, 2011

School Shoes for Boys & Girls

It’s the new year and most parents will naturally be shopping for new school shoes for the new school year. Have you done yours yet? If you’re really scrambling for extra time to go shopping, you can always check out the site above I stumbled upon online. They have many types of shoes, from pre walker shoes, slippers to boots for both genders and even adorable wellies!

I am amazed with the varieties of footwear it has for both boys and girls! There is a wide array of shoes varying from UK Size 2 up to size 11. There’s basically something for everyone. The shoes are stylish, comfortable and practical for all kinds of activities.

If you have not purchased shoes online before, fret not, startriteshoes has all the tools and guidelines to help you purchase that right size for your child. They have proper size charts and videos to guide customers on how to purchase the right shoe size for your child. No more purchasing too small or too big shoes online!

This interactive video below- Click'n'Fit will show you how to take photos of your child’s feet, from different angles and upload them to their website. After a few clicks, the system will analyse the photos you’ve uploaded and within minutes, you will know the right shoe size to get! Easy peasy ;)

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