Monday, January 3, 2011

BBQ Parties & Picnics!

I love having barbecues during parties. I find that it really helps to bond and foster camaraderie among family, old & new friends alike. Still remember the last BBQ party I had was last year, a friend organised a picnic at the park. We brought along those disposable BBQ sets which was perfect for our outing! No washing up, just dispose after use ;) Of course, if you were to have a BBQ party at home, a full set of BBQ set plus utensils will make the whole cooking experience more wholesome! If you’re looking for good quality BBQ sets, utensils and accessories, do check out that site my friend recommended to me!

We used cooler bags to keep the cold meats and cheese fresh. Wine bottles, beer cans and packet drinks were kept in the cooler bags to thirst our quench on that very hot day. The rest of the picnic goodies were packed into picnic baskets and the normal plastic bags... those were the times you wished you had a pretty picnic basket like this!

And if you are planning to organise a romantic picnic getaway just for you and your partner, this compact picnic backpack will ensure everything is kept fresh and at easy reach!

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