Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Last day- Big Bad Book FIRE SALE!

Yes, I went again to the Big Bad Book Sale! :) Went on the first and last day.... ;) Saw on their facebook page the night before that they were going to have a fire sale on the last day! ALL BOOKS @ RM5 each, all magazines @ RM3, buy 5, free 1! Wow.... how to miss it?

I'm back!

The crowd on the last day... looking to get good bargains...

shop till u drop

since mummy bought so many books for Jayden on the first day.... and there weren't many kids books left, Mummy got books for herself! :) All at RM5 each!
Back home. Jayden helping to arrange the books or rather helping to mess up my arrangements hehe
Mags for myself, RM3 each
Mags for James, RM3 each!
Thanks BBW for the lovely bookmarks... gonna use each and every one of them ;)
Bye Big Bad Wolf.... am gonna miss u! Thanks for organising such a fantastic book sale for book lovers at rock bottom prices, can't wait to see u again next year!!!!!

7 friends spoke up!:

smallkucing said...

aisay tarak my face there ka? LOL

MeRy said...

super cheap la...those Magz only yr I must fly to KL liao if have such good sales for books.

Adrine said...

Aaaarghhhh!!!! I didn't know there was a last day sale!

but already bought loads at the RM8 price. he having storage problem.

Angie said...

OMG!!!! I wish they have that kind of event in Indonesia! ><

@ntu_@we said...

all books at rm5? seriously?! u mean all? like ALL?


went there on 2nd and 3rd day. but most novels are sold at rm8 while coffee table books are at rm10.

nvrmd, next year will come at the 1st and obviously last day!

Cookie said...

whoa! plenty of books huh? I love books, too, so i'll probably line up no matter how long the line is as long as i bought some books in a cheap price ;-)

CathJ said...

really a bargain... wow..