Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Seats @ Air Asia!

Is this sight familiar to you? Since AA launched the free seats promo a few days ago, it's been so hard to get their free seats online...... this is a common sight.... buzz buzz, busy bee!

If you really want to get the free seats, it can be done, but u have to be SUPER PATIENT! U will just have to pay for tax, and optional add-ons like pick your seat, in flight meals, insurance etc.

If the website is really clogged up, you could try booking from your mobile as well:, less 'jam', smoother traffic.

Book now, travel next July-November. It's good to plan ahead eh? :)

Good thing, my patience paid off.... managed to get flights for us!

*2 adults + 1 child return flight to Langkawi- RM105 only!
*2 adults return flight to Bali- RM326 only!

If you are a frequent traveller, you will know that it's impossible to get these pricing during normal booking periods.......... ;)

Now I'm looking forward to my pre-booked holidays!!!!!
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Mummy Moon said...

yeah, yeah, yeah, you got so cheap ticket! It is a bit sien to see the bee, hehe, but it is worth! I normally book and skip those traveler information, which you can be done later. ANd those meals and baggage allowance also better to decide later, boleh back to manage my booking to get it later ... Grab the free seats, the rest do later, hehe...

We also paid less than RM50 per person for LAngkawi tickets... WHen are you going ya?

Rose said...

Actually I never managed to book any of these cheap fare. Sigh! Like you said, it needs patience.

Wow! At least you have plan your next year holiday. Great locations for family vacation.

Kristie said...

Moon, u also got it ya! geng ;) hehe.... really have to be damn patient man, slept damn late just to book the flights.. We booked for Aug next year, what abt u? :)

Rose, it's my 1st time actually, just tried my luck! hehe Tnx.

smallkucing said...

good for you Kristie :D.

Bali is a very nice place to visit. Would love to go there again

Mummy Moon said...

Kristie, we are going a bit earlier than you :P

MeRy said...

Wow..u got the cheap fares.
My hubby tried for Hari Raya period,plan go S'pore,but no cheap fares.

Kristie said...

Moon u must be going during July then!

Mery, Singapore cheapest I found was rm100 per person!