Friday, November 19, 2010

Bye Baby Sam

Kimmy & Julie's little girl, Baby Sam passed away this afternoon :(

I saw it on Rachel's FB post then a sms from her.

The last update on Baby Sam on their blog didn't look very good already.

We all prayed hard but I guess maybe she just had to let go, I hope Baby Sam is happy now up in heaven with Jesus and his guardian angels playing with you.


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5 friends spoke up!:

eugene said...

mmmmmmmmm, what can i say, i am just lost for words, a child is gone..and it broke my heart

Cookie said...

hi kristie! read this post. I checked on their site, too, and the news broke my heart. They don't know me but I offer my sympathy to their family. News like this really made me sad :(

Natallie said...

I dont know them, but I cried. I guess it only takes parents (especially mothers) to know how is it to loose a child. I hope they'll be able to pull through this tough period.

Mrs. Bee said...

Thanks for sharing..i read their blog, really broke my heart :(

Kristie said...

yeah it breaks my heart too... knowing it's a lil' baby who can't express her pain/agony... it just breaks my heart!!!!