Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Bad Book Sale 2010!

The Big Bad Wolf is BACK!

Was there on the first day of the sale (12/11/10), my first time too. Had to go this year as I missed it last year! There were so many people.... All books were properly categorised: Fiction, non-fiction, coffee table, self help, religious, kids/children and more! Novels were priced at RM5-8

Kids Section, from as low as RM2 to RM20

Queueing up to pay... this box made my hands ache like crazy....... damn heavy! Had to push it along with my feet towards the cashier
You can pay by cash or credit card!
They provide porter service right up to your car! Thanks Jonathan, he was really helpful....... ;)

My loot!

Mainly goodies for Jayden ;)

He was greeted with a sea of books after his nap!

Bz reading ;)

His carry me book ;)

There's still time for the Big Bad Book Sale! Big Bad Wolf is waiting for you in his lair....
Date: 12th- 17th Nov 2010!
Venue: Ground Floor, South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan
Time: 10am - 9pm

More photos of the books I got for Jayden in my FB album ;)
I'm going back there again before the sale ends this Wednesday! Hopefully this time more goodies for mummy ;)

15 friends spoke up!:

cleffairy said...

Cham liao... ur almost as worst as Smallkucing.... =.=how much is ur damage?

Kristie said...


liz, damn worth it lah, don't feel the pinch at all when I see jayden's face all lit up and enjoying his books :)

cleffairy said...

Seiii lorrr... I think if I really got go... i will ditch my hubby and anak in kid's section while I sendiri go cari my own books. LOL!

Kristie said...

heheheh u want to go find hamsap books? hahaha :p

Dr Ezura said...

waaaah....that was a whole lot!! keep it up! i'm planning my 3rd visit today, just me no rushing..hehehe

thanx for dropping by my blog....

Azura Iznil said... was there on the 1st day also..haha. Really worth it kan?

kysern said...

2nd bigbadwolf coincidence - did a search on it and found your blog! My loot is super small compared to yours. Wanna go another round but its darn far...

MommyAngel said...

That was a lot of books for Jayden! He must be super happy and you are making my hands feel so itchy! But too bad, I can't fly back to Malaysia ... :(

Kristie said...

Dr Ezura, I wished I could go with u!

Azura... yes super duper worth it ;)

kysern, we can go together if u want! :)

caroline, how nice if you come back, and we go together ya! never mind, try again next year ok :)

MeRy said...

Lot of books for Jayden..happy boy.

Kucing said...

Kristie...happy too...aiyo...what happen to the kids section. so messy. When I was there it was nicely arranged :(

Kristie said...

tnx mery ;)

kathy, u mean neatly arranged on preview sale ah??? when I was there, everything topsy turvy, have to be fast if u want the books....... damn geng all the women there hehehehe

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wow, really A LOT of books for Jayden. He's a lucky boy :)

We were there on Sat too. Quite crowded and chaotic but surprisingly there was no Q at the cashier counters.. phew!

smallkucing said...


yup everything was neat and tidy. Arranged according nae of author

Kristie said...

I guess the crowd was still under control then! ;)