Friday, October 29, 2010

Visit to Bookxcess!

Haven't been to Bookxcess for some time and since we were attending a friend's boy's 2nd birthday party at A&W just outside Amcorp Mall, we decided to go over after the party was over!

I was really looking forward to some good buys there. Also, I made a reservation for Julie & Julia after I saw their new arrivals on FB.... So go look see look see, anything else I could get for my lil' pumpkin as well ;)

Julie & Julia- heard great reviews on the movie, haven't watched it though, hope this book will be a good read, I badly need one!

Books for Jayden!

A crossword puzzle book for me... to take my mind off work every now and then ;)

More goodies... wooden puzzles and Madagascar fridge magnets!

Book thong courtesy of Bookxcess after signing up as a member!
They will be contacting me shortly once my membership card is ready...... yippeeee another excuse to go there :p

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5 friends spoke up!:

ChloeRuoyi said...

BookXcess is our favourite too! So many nice books you got for Jayden. I nearly bought the Madagascar magnets for C too. Cheap, right? I think rm3 only...

smallkucing said...

hence one more BookXcess addict is created.. LOL

Each time I go there sure will end up with a whole bunch of books

I bought the fridge magnet also. RM3.

Kristie said...

yes chloe mummy, those fridge magnets only RM3! :) Ya my fav place too... can buy more for less ;)

kathy- ya lor, welcome to the club hor ;) haha

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice books there you got for Jayden. Really cheap ah the books? Then I must go there one day.

Kristie said...

YL, you will definitely go crazy when u go there ;)

Cheaper than bookstores out there and they are all NEW!