Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long time no see!

Hey my dear blog and friends,

Long time no see! How have you guys been?

Been blog hopping recently and really missed reading all your blogs, stories to share and see all the cute photos of your kiddos!

Anyway I will try to 'rev my engine' to blog again *promise* hehe

Mummy and Jayden says hi to all, we missed u! :)

Some jokes I received through email to share with u too hehe...........

10 friends spoke up!:

MommyAngel said...

Hello .... dropping by to say Hi to you and sweet little Jayden! Miss your blog so much Kristie and hope that we will blog more la in the coming months :) :) (I am quite lazy and too busy to blog lately too :P)

eugene said...

Yayayayayayay, last post July 25, now Oct 26, long time no see indeed, no worry rev up the blog engine ,,vroommmmm all the way.

winter,spring,summer or fall, what you got to do is blog, we will be right here,, you've got some friends,,,,,

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I'd missed you too!! Welcome back. Btw been meaning to ask you: where did you get the tattoo book from?

Adrine said...

Nice to see you back again!

Oh.... and I had a good laugh at the jokes, esp the second one!! :)

LittleLamb said...

Oh..I miss u toooo and Jayden. r u busy with ur business??? Hope to catch up soon..

Kristie said...

hey caroline!!! so happy to hear from u :) haha... can understand why u are lazy lah.... got 2 girls to jaga, not easy!!! really kowtow to u ;) tnx, Jayden sends his love to his 2 pretty friends too :)

eugene, yeah long time, wanted to blog but just no mood to hehe.... thanks for encouraging me ;) xoxo

b&b's mama- i got it from a stationery shop lah... I've seen it around in a few places too actually ;)

hey adrine, nice to see u here too :) how are u, hubs and darling lil' girl? glad u enjoyed the jokes, I did too! haha

rachel! how are u lah, philip too ;) yup been bz with biz, all's good, thanks ;) will catch up with u soon!

Mummy Gwen said...

Busy is good. :) Welcome back. Miss you much.

Mummy Moon said...

Welcome back Kristie.. More posts to come ya..

ChloeRuoyi said...

Hey, nice you "see" you again! :)

LOL at the second cartoon... so funny!!

Kristie said...

tnx YL, Moon ;)

Chloe mummy, glad u enjoyed the jokes as much as I did! haha