Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free Father's Day Meal at MFM

Yes, another free meal.... again at Manhattan Fish Market, this time for Daddies! ;) The last time was a free meal for Mother's Day hehe.... looks like this may be a annual thing... keep a lookout! haha....

Happy Jayden with Happy Daddy!

Jayden loves the mushroom soup ;)

Free meal consists of a Ice Lemon Tea, Mushroom soup and Fish & Chips

I must say this is one of the most yummy fish & chips I've ever eaten.... James loved it, so he was very satisfied with the meal.... heheh!

I ordered the Baked Dory, very yummy.... fish so soft and flaky ;)

My cheeky pumpkin

the 3 stooges hehehe

New item, Tuna salad... I like the dressing ;)

Happy Father's Day darling! :)

3 friends spoke up!:

Cookie said...

I'm drooling over your fish & chips and your dory baked fish! yum2x!

Thanks by the way for dropping by my blog. I had fun reading your posts, too. Happy Weekend!

Kristie said...

hahaha it was indeed very very yummy!!!!

Serene said...

Aiyoh... Jayden is so cute in his bibs!! Love his cheeky smile...