Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online Shopping is SO Addictive!

Ever since I managed to lose a few kgs with Leptin slimming products, I've been so 'vain' haha! Been looking and shopping for other clothing to buy and tried on clothing I never thought I could fit into! :p

Apart from shopping at malls over the weekends, I've also shopped online... For a stay-at-home-mum like me, online shopping is virtually my 24/7 online hobby! I can shop anytime I want, no want to bother me, just a few clicks and my order is confirmed and processed. In the next few days, I just wait patiently as the postman comes to deliver my orders!!!

There are several online shopping sites catering to women fashion. The one I particularly like is IreneLim Fashion. Its website is very clean, easy to view their products with their user-friendly layout and of cos pretty models to view too ;)

I like this dress! So pretty and sweet ;)

IreneLim Fashion has promotions every now and then and the latest promo is catered to the blogger & website owner community! Yes you! They are giving away FREE dresses for bloggers and website owners. How cool is that ey? :) The word 'free' is enough to excite you right? Well, it did for me :p

The above dress is just one of the dresses they are giving away... there are more than 60 other choices from blouses, pants and more... What are you waiting for? :)

7 friends spoke up!:

Serene said...

Wow, Kristie.. you look great!! Can't wait to see you in those nice outfits!

Kristie said...

tnx serene... ;) Tnx to leptin!

Ya I can't wait to try them out too ;)

smallkucing said...

Looking forward to seeing u in your new dress

Mummy Gwen said...

This dress will look great on you. :)

Merryn said...

feee weeeet! i bet u'll look great in it. dun forget to post pic eh? :D

Kristie said...

can't wait to receive them too! Muaks ;) xoxo

MeRy said...

Nice dress..