Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What We Did @ Empire Shopping Gallery!

We normally patronise Subang Parade as it's the nearest mall to our home. And over the last few weeks, we saw the development of Empire Shopping Gallery and we got really excited, yippeeee, another new mall near our home!!!! Everyone loves variety and choices, and it does add a dose of fresh air to the neighbourhood :)

Finally we had the chance and time to visit this new mall some time last week... We popped by Nyonya Colours for a bite and chit-chat. Was there with my mum, sis, James and of cos Jayden. Was disappointed with the desserts as it wasn't served piping hot, it was just lukewarm.... also got a bit pissed off towards the end cos we were almost finishing our food and our drinks didn't arrive yet. Told a waiter and he took his time clearing other tables b4 attending to my request. I got impatient, took the receipt and went straight to the PIC. We got our drinks soonafter but I wasn't pleased with his attitude, not a single word of apology!!! Hello........... what kind of customer service is this.... even if ur shop is new and shorthanded, at least say sorry.... the outlet at Midvalley is much better... for now.


Darling's Mee Rebus

Jayden getting food from all directions hehehe

My Chee Cheong Fun, ordered one with black sauce instead of curry cos I just recovered from sore throat...

Mum's Pulut Hitam

My Red Ruby dessert- Tup Tim Krob

Burbur Cha2

After makan, we decided to visit ToysRus! The new store has a very nice layout, very cheery for kids and adults alike ;)
Guess who tapped my shoulder @ the store?

Joanne! What a pleasant surprise :)

Met her, hubby and her lovely Sarah! She's grown so much, very pretty girl :)

Jayden and Ah Ma :)

Some shots of the mall:

A group serenading to the shoppers at the concourse... very good singers!

Near the main entrance

Didn't buy anything at all... just walked around to have a 'feel' of the new place... will definitely pop by again, it's just a stone's throw away! :p

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ChloeRuoyi said...

Oh didn't know there's a new mall in Subang. We're staying not too far away too :)

Mummy Gwen said... mall in Subang. Great. :) 'ngam' you bumped into JOanne. Jayden is bigger size than Sarah oh..haha.

You look great Kristie. ^_^

agnes said...

wah, so fast adi pay them a visit!!!!! hahahaha, perhaps will go this weekend then.. :)

Merryn said...

i seriously salute ur mother! each time i see her in ur blog.. i just couldn't believe my eyes! she's seriously macam ur sister only!!!! wat's her secret?

Kristie said...

chloemummy, check it out soon when u are free! :)

yeah mummygwen.. when u come back to KL, u can go jalan2 there, not too far from pyramid ;) Sarah is actually very tall now!

agnes, very near for u 2!

merryn, her motto in life- think positive, dont worry be happy!

2ma said...

i love this new mall too!! will definitely go back again :D

Cath J said...

Oh my... the food fantastic... Oh must look for this food at pasar malam tonite...hahahahah (On diet but must spoilt it today... hahahah)

Kristie said...

yeah jasmine, still yet to check out the whole mall... will go maybe during a weekday when it's less crowded :)

cath, once in a blue moon ok lah ;)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mommy Gwen: Actually Sarah is much bigger size than Jayden. :-)

Kristie: It was nice met up with you.