Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Lunch Today

What does a SAHM and her little boy eat during a quiet weekday afternoon? Since it's only the 2 of us, I don't want to whip up fanciful dishes which take hours to prepare.

I prefer simple and nutritious meals to feed the hungry tummies of mummy and boy. Since Jayden was born, I've been experimenting recipes using different ingredients and cooking styles. Something quick and yummy are always what I look for ;) Of course, there are the tong shuis and soups which take hours to boil, that's what I love too, it's taken cared by the rice cooker and in the end, I get a yummy dessert or a rich yummy soup!

Ok, for today's lunch, I cooked some brown rice for the both of us and a bowl of steamed eggs :) I find steamed eggs such a comforting dish and I definitely grew up eating this :)

Steamed eggs can be made plain or with vege/meat. It's such a versatile dish and sometimes I add brocolli, carrots etc.

Eggs steamed with minced pork, pumpkin, grey oyster mushrooms and tong cai

We had oranges for dessert

Jayden loves to use his hands to pick up his food ;)
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Serene said...

One simple dish and rice is good enough for just me and Xixi too. Love the way Jayden eat oranges,.. haha.. he loves fruits?

Kristie said...

ya serene, sahm have to think of easy dishes and yet nutritious right? :) luckily we are not fussy eaters as well.

Yeah he loves fruits, banana, grapes, oranges, apples, kiwi, mango and more :)

smallkucing said...

use fingers taste nicer mah :p

Mummy Gwen said...

Your steamed eggs looks absolutely yummy. You gave me idea what to cook. ^_^ I also cook simple one meal dish for Gwen and I.

Merryn said...

cool :) simple yet nutritious. as for me, i have to cook at least 2-3 dishes and one soup everyday! why? because hubs comes home for lunch and dinner and ethan eats a lot too :D

Kristie said...

kathy- so true lah ;)

mummygwen, i love to make this cos it's so versatile, can use any ingredients u have in ur fridge, vege/meat etc ;)

merryn, i really kowtow to u!!!

Sasha said...

oooo i also cooked nearly the same dish for my kids yesterday but i put in crab sticks and corn and also makan nasi with soup. Good enuff for us too. yeah not easy for sahm to think of what to cook.

Cath J said...

that is yummy... ^_^.. something like Korean food.. ^_^

Kristie said...

sasha, yeah great idea to include crabstick, i had in my freezer, should have added it into the steamed eggs :) ya really not easy... everyday cracking my head!

ya cath, simple comfort food ;)

the little prince said...

Simple n nice lunch!!

I always cook noodle or porridge in the afternoon, like what u said :`simple!!

Julie said...

Jayden is a faithful supporter of mommy's cooking. :)

You can start to let him practice using fork. I prefer small stainless steel fork compared to those plastic children fork.

Kristie said...

yeah yugene... sometimes really dont know what to cook, mental block!

thanks julie, long time no see :) how is bb sam doing, waiting for ur updates ya :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

Although it's a one-dish meal, you've put so much ingredients into it. Looked really healthy and yummy. Simple to prepare too. I like :)