Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Original Gekko Sticky Pad

Hi everyone, I'm now promoting this new product in the market, do support! :) It's so cool, do check it out!

What is Gekko?

Gekko is the revolutionary DASHBOARD MANAGER that holds objects even at vertical position.
Gekko is totally different from current non slip mat in the market that only prevent slips on horizontal platform. The current anti slip mat too lose its gripping strength over time due to the material component.

What is Gekko made of?

It is made of revolutionary PU Gel with good heat resistance, good cold weather durability and elasticity. Stick against on dashboards, vertical surfaces, windows, dashboard, ceramic tile, desk etc. to hold your valuables firmly by pad itself adhesive.

It is Non-toxic, washable and reusable. If pad loses grip, clean with household glass cleaner or soap and water, the grip ability returns to its original state.

A product with a long usability life.
Benefits to users in vehicles

- Indestructible in hot and humid condition
- Holding GPS device at a vertical position that the device screen can be viewed
- Holding IPOD for vehicle entertainment
- Holding mobile phones in vehicles in position that the device screen can be viewed when there is an incoming call. Users can easily trigger hands-free answering.
- Keep mobile phone in place. Research showed that 75% of drivers do not know where they store their mobile phone while driving.
- Searching and handling an incoming call is a big risk to drivers
- Protecting properties against scratches and fall

Benefits to users in office or at home

- Office video conferencing via mobile phone. Grip the mobile phone vertically to be hands free.
- Placing to do list with ordinary paper and not stick pad - cost effective solution and environmentally friendly too!
- Place users gadgets in office table securely against fall and scratches.
- Gadgets and personal belongings can be knocked down accidentally. Gekko is to prevent such accident.
- Place Gekko on desk partition to place mobile phones vertically. Easy to view the caller detail when phone rings.


-This may be the cheapest product in my BMW but the best for me. Thanks man.
Lee Kit Huat

-I have used it daily in my 4WD and into some rough terrain. It works! That's all I can say. Awesome! I placed my GPS and my mobile phone on Gekko and I have no complain.
Sik Chan

-I must say this product is cool and beneficial to me. I would be ordering another 3 for my other cars and one for my wife to use it "hands free" in the kitchen while cooking.
Azrul Hamid
Kuching, Sarawak

Gekko can be easily detach from a vehicle’s dashboard and office/home surface. Use for both environments.

Get one today for your loved ones, friends! It makes life so much easier and organised.

RM19.90 per pc

RM5 for West Malaysia
RM7 for East Malaysia

Buy 3 pcs or more and you'll get free postage!

Dealers are welcome. Email me at for enquiries.

Holds objects such as eyewear, lipsticks, thumbdrives, coins, lighter, phones for easy accessibility!

Stays in place on bumpy roads, turning around sharp corners and more

Holds your thumbdrives, memory cards on your CPU

As a SAHM, I'd just like to do something simple to earn extra $, do support, thanks! You can check out more on Gekko on my FB!

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smallkucing said...

aiks..better that the sticky pads wor

Merryn said...

ok.. dat looks cool.. will show to hubs tonite :)

MeRy said...

Looks cool...

Mummy Gwen said... cool ler. I'll let my hubs know.

Kristie said...

ya kathy, can be used in so many diff ways, in cars, kitchen, home, office :)

Tnx merryn and mummygwen, do support if u can ya!

tnx mery :)

Anonymous said...

hi, would like to know whether this product still available? very interested in it. you may email latest details to me thank you.