Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mini Bunny Baos

Today, I'm talking abt the ever so yummy mini bunny baos that's famous in Klang... Don't worry, they are not baos with rabbit meat! I, for one would not eat that!

The seller of these baos only come out at 11pm outside a kopitiam near my parents' place. Once they finish all their baos for the night, they close shop and go home. And most of the time, they are sold out pretty quickly! U can see ppl waiting around the kopitiam around 10.45pm for these bao sellers to arrive. Good biz huh... everyday guaranteed biz, no need to even spend more on A & P :)

So what do they sell? They have all kinds of baos, the usual red bean/char siew/vegetable/lotus paste and siew mai, amongst many others.

My favourite are these mini bunny baos. They are the size of ping pong balls and shaped like a rabbit, and it's so yummy to just pop one after another into your mouth ;)

Recently, my parents gave me a bag of frozen baos. They bought it for us one night and froze them. Now they are happily sitting in my freezer and anytime I feel like having one, I'll steam a few and gobble them up! Jayden likes them too.

Cute huh? :) The ones with pink eyes are filled with lotus paste and the green eyes- red bean paste (my fav)

Yummmy! Generous fillings and the skin is not too thick :)
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7 friends spoke up!:

2ma said...

cute bunny paus!! long time i nvr eat paus already. now, i crave for it......

huisia said...

that's strange to have a guy sells baos at 11pm, luckily he has good business.

Kristie said...

jas, can go buy from most kopitiams ya! :)

huisia, ya weird timing, but it suits the lifestyle of Klangnites as they love supper ;)

ChloeRuoyi said...

Cute! They are very appealing to kids (as well as adults who love cute stuff like me hehe). Good idea to buy some and keep in the freezer. It's very convenient during a snack-attack :)

Mummy Gwen said...

The baos are so cute. Gwen loves "tau sar bao". You are so smart leh..keep the baos in the freezer.

Shenny's mommy said...

The baos looks so cute and yummy, surely my gal would love to bring to school for her snack time if she could have one.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The paos are so cute!

May I know where is the exact location?