Friday, May 21, 2010

I Love Yoo ♥

We love to go to I Love Yoo, a place selling porridge, yu char kuey, ham jin peng, tau foo fah and so much more. We used to go to the outlet in Sunway Pyramid all the time when we are there, cos it was easier to feed Jayden then.

Recently, the new Empire Shopping Gallery also opened an outlet, we were elated! :) I love their assortment of fried goodies, their porridge and soya bean also not bad. Nice for a tea break and snack after walking around for a while.

Jayden loves tau foo fah

aaammmmmmm.... When he likes something, he will say 'Nice'! :)

We asked for lesser syrup, otherwise too sweet

I Love Yoo!

Smile baby!

Let me sayang Daddy :)

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Serene said...

The name of this restaurant is so special... haha, Jayden is so cute there!

christine said...

It's so sweet and endearing so see the relationship between father and son. Good job to your hubby!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Cute Jayden :) I've only tried this once. Quite nice, great for snack time... (hey, those fried stuff are very tonsilitis-inducing leh hehe ;))

Alice Law said...

Aiyoyor, you boy is so sweet with his cheeky smile!! My girl Juan Juan loves 'tau hu hua' too, she never gets enouogh for it!

happy weekend to you!
p/s: Lovely and hear warming father and son's bond!

gaiki said...

Must go to this restaurant, the name is so unique.

Jayden looks so cute in his photo!

Kristie said...

chris, yes thank God he's a very hands on daddy :)

chloemummy... haha.....these are my weaknesses lah, help!!!

tnx alice, gaiki :)

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..that's the name of the place..hehe..I thought Jayden said I Love Yoo to mama..haha.

The tau foo far looks really nice. :)

Kristie said...

ya mummygwen, u should go try, they have a branch in pyramid too ;)