Tuesday, April 20, 2010

King of Fruits!

Saw a durian stall when were out at C4 a few days back. James felt greedy and checked out the king of fruits. He said he had a craving for it (excuse?) and bought 2 packs. The guy gave us 2 packs @ RM30, normally it's RM25 per pack.

Look at how dark yellowish the durian flesh is......... was so tasty, small seed, lots of flesh... D24 durians...

Instant 'high' when I bit into it.... mmmm :)

Happy, darling? U got ur wish ;)

Jayden had a taste of it too... he don't really like it hahahha... we called him mat salleh :p

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smallkucing said...

*pengsan* You love chocolate and durians. Same here. Wah lau eh....so delicious leh.

There was one time I saw Jusco selling durian Raja Kunyit at RM15/packet! So cheap

Mr. Pineapple Man said...

durian!! i want some too!

Serene said...

OMG!!! I love durian too..

eugene said...

I love durians too, and my wife loves it more than i do, i remember when she was pregnant, her crave for the KING was so immense that i had to buy for her at the oddest hour of the day.

hey Kristie, i am not sure if you had tried eating durian with plain white rice, no others dishes, if not, try it,you will love it.

but funnily dont know why lately id dont see much of durian in Penang..

if you come somewhere in sep to dec, let me know, i take you eat good durians in Penang, ya

Cynthia said...

oh durian durian.. I remembered the last time I had was before my brother left for NZ! now, if I want to eat, I have to go buy on my own..

mommy to chumsy said...

oh boy, i'm sure it taste really good. so much flesh but i dare not eat cos it has very high calorie content...hahahhaah

Merryn said...

YOU nih... aiyo.... i love durian to the max lah.. alamax.. u made me crave.. hahaha..

Kristie said...

kathy- we both love good food leh hehehe, wow RM15 for good durian is pretty cheap!

eugene....... i love it with plain white rice, awesomeness!!!!!!!

cynthia, the next time u go out grocery shopping, can check it out ;)

barb- dont think so much, eat first, think later :p

merryn, heheh.... go eat soon!

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen loves durian. Aiyo..you make me crave for durian lah. Indonesian durian not so good. They don't have D24 or XO..whatever..hahaha.