Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Wheels Bottle

Bought a water bottle with straps for Jayden last weekend. Been wanting to get one for him, so he can carry it on his own and drink water whenever he wants to, another stage of independence for him :) So happen, we forgot to pack his water bottle before we went out, Daddy thought I packed, I thought Daddy packed... u know lah, all the old nuts hehehe....

And since he's crazy over cars, we chose the Hot Wheels bottle ;) He kept pointing to the car and said 'car car' :)

He loved it!!!! Didn't want to let go of it and kept sipping away.... good lah, Mummy also like it this way ;)

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3 friends spoke up!:

smallkucing said...

Hotwheels..nice :)

Mine is still too lazy to carry :(.

Mummy Gwen said...

Cute bottle. Gwen doesn't drink much water.

Kristie said...

kathy, never mind... when he grows bigger lah ;)

mummygwen... ya whatever it takes for them to drink more water... with this weather have to lah!