Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner- Part II

For last year's x'mas, we had a quiet dinner just with my parents. It was nice and meaningful instead of the big lavish dinners as we get to spend quiet times together, we had a lovely chinese dinner outside and after that, came home for red wine and opening of pressies! :)

Loves of my life!
Jayden and Ah Ma

Happy Familie ;)

Our dinner, sumptuous delish dishes!
Top: Braised pork knuckle with sweet sour sauce (awesome...), Braised tofu with spinach

Bottom: Baby kailan, Bee hoon dish, Sauna prawns (very juicy and sweet)

A photo taken at the restaurant
L-R: James, Jayden, Billy, Papa, Mummy, Me, Tina

Jayden was very well behaved at the restaurant :)

My baby santa, mama santa and papa claus!

Clowning around after a few drinks hehe

Pressies time! No doubt Jayden got the most :) He learned how to open his own presents this year :) Last year, he was still small!

Cheers to good health and wealth, stay happy!

More photos of our Christmas Eve here.

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Mummy Gwen said...

Spending quiet time with the family is the best. :)

Kristie said...

totally agree!