Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Car rides & Q Jelly!

We checked out this Q Jelly branch at Puchong one weekend. It looks very new and the deco is very nice and colourful inside.

Animal & fruit jellies, we opted for Pandan and blackcurrant flavours, I preferred the latter

The deco inside is so nice and pink... perfect for a girl's room haha!

Jayden was really relishing the jellies :) He fed mummy too! Thanks cutie pie.

Say cheese darlings! Jayden is still busy helping himself to the jellies haha

Car rides, nice and extra huge @ Digital Mall USJ. Needless to say, Jayden had a blast, jolly good time!

9 friends spoke up!:

smallkucing said...

the jelly look very tasty and pretty. Alamak..if kena me, sure sayang to eat. May i know the price?

MeRy said...

I bought tat Q Jelly during my dec'09 trip 2 KL...taste good,bt bit too sweet.

Rachel said...

A cafe just selling jelly...that's interesting. I love jelly/agar agar and so do Kyle, where it is located in KL? And is it good?

Mummy Gwen said...

I've never tried before. The jellies are tooo cute to be eaten..haha.

the little prince said...

Love the jelly colour, its looks so yummy yummy!! Am sure Jayden love it too!

Mummy Moon said...

Jayden is such a cutie pie!

The shop looks nice eh! Maybe you can order the jelly birthday cake for his 2yr old birthday hehe

agnes said...

I preferred the pandan or choc instead wor.. :) the blackcurrant taste a bit sour lah...

gaiki said...

The jelly looks so nice! Must be delicious! No wonder Jayden can't wait to eat them !

btw, hope you don't mind I've link ur blog at my side. Love reading your blog and seeing pixs of ur cute lil one!

Kristie said...

smallkuching- they were having a promo, 2 packets for rm10 or rm15... can't remember :) yes they are very cute indeed!!!

mery, sweet ah? which flavours did u try?

rachel, the branch that I went to is at Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

ya mummygwen, u should go, gwen will love this place!

yugene, yes it is very nice place and serves yummy jellies too!

mummymoon... was thinking of that, but not cheap i think.

Agnes, I like the blackcurrant one as it tasted like ribena :) I haven't tried the chocolate one yet :)

Gaiki, yeah his eyes lit up once he saw them heheh... couldn't wait for ask to open the packets :) Sure thanks for adding me :)