Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st Sunday of Feb!

Went to pyramid last sunday for our normal family day :) James works from Mon-Sat, so basically, we only have one whole day on a weekend to ourselves.

James felt pretty greedy cos it was around lunchtime when we got out of the hse. He gave me an evil grin and asked me if I guessed correctly where he wants to go for lunch and what he had on his mind. Knowing him very well, I guessed it correctly! haha... He was craving for the char siew/siew yuk at Canton-i. Once we got into the mall, we went straight to the restaurant and filled up our hungry rumbling tummies. We ordered the 2 combinations of char siew/siew yuk and 2 plates of rice and whack to our hearts' content :p

Our meal @ Canton-i

After that, we went to Jusco toys' department to let Jayden play for a while. This fella loves soft toys very much, and most of the ones we have are presents, and I only keep those short furred ones. I don't agree to buying those furry kinds as I dislike the fur on the bedsheets etc (Bad mummy :p) and he has a habit of biting his soft toys sometimes, I wouldn't want all this stuff in his mouth! Everytime when he sees a soft toy, he has to go hug and kiss it, imagine him picking one up, kissing it and putting it back on the shelves... :p

After playing around with soft toys, he lied down on a pile of heart cushions and took a rest :) I love this photo :)

Acrobatic performance @ the centre court

Bumped into my old uni friend, Joyce!
Pyramid's mascot was walking around dressed up as 'Chai Shen Ye'
The ice skating rink was super duper crowded!

We tried ice cream @ Kindori, 100% fresh frozen fruits, fresh milk and no preservatives. They had so many lovely flavours and they were having a promo. Buy 1 cup/cone and get 2nd one @ 50% off. We tried the blueberry and red bean flavours. Jayden's lips were stained with blueberry, looks like he's wearing lipstick! haha

When Jayden napped, we quickly sat down at Popeye's chicken and ordered a 2 pc meal to savour ;)
Books we got from the baby room, very nice and clean.
Bought a blocks toy set for Jayden from Jusco, only RM10.90!

11 friends spoke up!:

Merryn said...

The pic of Jayden in the hearts pillows is so cute!!! I love it! :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh...I miss going to Sunway Pyramid..hehe. Wow...the char siew/siew yook is soooo good. Looks like Jayden enjoyed his meal too. :D

smallkucing said...

LOL so cute with the "lipstick" :p

Serene said...

What a great day at the mall!! The Siew Yuk at Canton-I really looks tempting! I love Jayden with all his facial expression.. haha, he really looks like wearing lipstick!

sharman said...

hahahha jayden damn cute with the soft toys laaaaa

Rose said...

Cute Jayden, kissing all those soft toys!! Happy CNY!

yenfen said...

hi..this is my first time visiting your blog..can't help but think you look so familiar :)

anyway...love the pics you took of ur son :) he's too cute

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2ma said...

i love the same photo too - jayden with the heart pillows! nice!!! such a happy smile on his face

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

May I know what is the drink (the one on the right) which you ordered from Canton-I?

I love the smile from Jayden. So adorable!

I have heard good comment from friends about Popeye's chicken. What say you?

Kristie said...

thanks all! :)

Joanne- it's a glass of hot green tea infused with some flowers/leaves etc, it's nice :)

Popeye's chicken is definitely diff. from KFC, u have to try it for urself, James loves the mash potatoes!